Paying tolls when driving in Ireland

We often get questions about how to pay at toll roads in Ireland and their costs. It struck me that it would be a good topic for a post and an opportunity to put together a comprehensive list of car charges and payment methods for tolls in Ireland.

As of today there are 8 places in Ireland where you must pay a toll. The 2010 toll for a passenger car is as follows:

East Link (Dublin City)  €1.80
M50/West Link (Dublin) €2.00/€2.50/€3.00 depending on payment method
M1 (Drogheda Bypass) €1.90
M4 (County Meath) €2.90
M6 (County Galway) €1.90
M8 (County Cork) €1.90
M25 (Waterford City Bypass) €1.90
Dublin Port Tunnel (Dublin City)
€10 Mon-Fri 6am-10am Southbound
€10 Mon-Fri 4pm-7pm Northbound
€3 All other times

Update: As of mid-2010 there is a 9th toll in operation. See below for details.

There are a number of options for paying road tolls in Ireland:

1. Cash (€ only) can be paid at the toll plaza for all toll roads except the M50/WestLink in Dublin

An Electronic Tag can be used (All tolls are operated under the eToll interoperability program of the National Roads Authority). Tags are available from any of 7 suppliers and can be post-paid or pre-paid depending on the account type chosen. Most tag providers charge a monthly fee ranging from €0.50 from to  €1.25.. See for a list of suppliers.
The M50 Toll is €2 for a passenger car using this method.

Credit Cards can be used at the M4 Toll and at the Dublin Port Tunnel

Prepayment Cards can be used at the M4 Toll (cards can be purchased at the toll plaza and offer a 10% discount on tolls)

Online Payments can be made for the M50 Toll at (payment must be made by 8pm on the day following your use of the road)
The M50 Toll is €3 for a passenger car using this method.

Telephone Payment can be made for the M50 Toll by calling 1890 50 10 50 from Ireland, 0845 301 5405 from the UK or +800 50 10 50 11 from other international locations (payment must be made by 8pm on the day following your use of the road)
The M50 Toll is €3 for a passenger car using this method.

Payzone can be used for the M50 Toll. Any retail outlet displaying the Payzone logo can accept M50 Toll payments (payment must be made by 8pm on the day following your use of the road) See for details of outlets.
The M50 Toll is €3for a passenger car using this method.

Your vehicle can be Registered for the M50 Toll. Similar to an electronic tag, you can prepay or postpay your toll based on video recognition of your car registration plate as it passes the toll point.
The M50 Toll is €2.50 for a passenger car using this method.

For DiscoveringIreland Guests on vacation in Ireland, the payment is very straight forward for all tolls except the M50. For the M50, check with your car rental company as to how you should handle the M50 toll. Some will have registered the car under option 8 above and will charge you based on number of passages when you return the vehicle. Others will leave the responsibility with you to pay the toll. If this is the case, please be aware of the 8pm deadline on the day following usage as penalties apply after this time.

Update July 2010: A new stretch of motorway opened in June 2010 completing the M7/M8 link between Dublin & Cork. This motorway costs €1.80 per passenger car.

Update August 2010: Tunnel under the River Shannon at Limerick is tolled at a cost of  €1.80 per car

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10 Responses to Paying tolls when driving in Ireland

  1. Paul O'Mara says:

    New toll tunnel under the Shannon river west of Limerick city. Cost is e1.80 for a car.

  2. John Cosby says:

    Is there a toll on the new M9 which just opened Sept 9 from Carlow to Knocktopher? See,17283,en.html for details. Does this new M9 go all the way from the M7 to Waterford? Is there a toll on any part of M9?

    Is there a website which tells where the toll plazas are located? If you are not in a hurry, is it possible to travel on the old N roads in order to avoid the tolls?

    In particular is it possible to go between the Dublin airport and Knocktopher without paying the M50/West Link toll? Where is the toll in effect (i.e., where is the camera that registers your license plate)? Can you avoid owing the toll if you exit the M50 before that spot and get back on it after that spot if you don’t mind the bother? Or is the entire M50 subject to the toll? For example, if I leave the airport and take the M50 to N2, would I owe the M50/West Link toll?

    Similarly, where does the M6 toll start and end? Does the old N6 still exist so that I can use it instead of the M6 if I have the extra time?

    Where does the M8 toll start and end and does the old N8 still exist if want to avoid the toll?

    Where does the M1 toll start and end? For example if I only want to go from the airport to Lusk on the M1, would I have to pay the toll? If I want to go from the airport to the Valley of the Boyne via either M1 or N2, will I owe the M50/West Link toll or any other toll?

    I am sorry to ask so many questions but I haven’t been able to find much information about this so far. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

  3. Lorraine says:

    just wondering..if you use the M6 toll 5 dys return re work would there be an annual discounted price that you know of?..thanks

    • Seamus O'Murchu says:

      Hi Lorraine,

      According to their website “You can purchase Prepaid cards for 20 journeys at a discount of 10%. You can buy them and top them up at Eurolink’s Customer Service Office

      It’s probably worth contacting them directly and perhaps you might let our readers know what they say 🙂



  4. Pete Richards says:

    How much is the toll for a minibus on the Cork M8.

  5. Sue Huffer says:

    Will I need Euros in Ireland and pounds in Northern Ireland for tolls or do they accept credit cards? Will only be in south for a couple of hours so didn’t plan on getting euros but will if needed for the road to Belfast.

    • Seamus O'Murchu says:

      Hi Sue,
      Yes you will need Euros in the South for tolls unless your car rental company provides toll tags. They don’t accept UK pounds at tolls unfortunately.
      There are no toll-roads in Northern Ireland yet.

  6. Rachael Harrison says:

    My husband and I are touring Ireland on a motorbike will we incur toll charges?

    • Hi Rachel,

      Generally motorcycles are free of charge at toll stations on Irish motorways so you will be able to enjoy your tour of the island ‘toll free’! 🙂

      We hope you enjoy your vacation in Ireland.

      Discovering Ireland

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