10 great reasons to visit Ireland in 2015 [Part 4]

It’s time to conclude are suggestions for the “10 best reasons to visit Ireland in 2015″, and the final two entries provide a fascinating perspectives of what visitors can expect on a trip to Ireland. From sampling the diverse and creative side of the Irish to experiencing the sheer natural beauty of the Northern Irish coastline.


Irish Design 2015 (ID2015) is a year-long celebration and initiative exploring, promoting and celebrating Irish design in just about every form. Some 300 design events and exhibitions are planned across the country, showcasing the diversity of Irish design (and designers) to local and global audiences.

Irish design has never been leveraged to the extent that it could be in selling the island – at least not to the same extent as landscape, food or history. The flagship exhibition, Irish Design Here/Now opens in Dublin Castle in July.

For more information visit: www.irishdesign2015.ie

The Gobbins

The Gobbins

Ever watched a Game of Thrones and been awestruck by the natural beauty of some of those coastal landscape that acts as the backdrop to the award-winning TV series? Well then The Gobbins might be just the thing to give you a real feel for these dramatic seascapes.

The Gobbins is two miles in length and incorporates a dramatic cliff-face path with spectacular tubular and suspension bridges, a staircase, caves and tunnels carved through the rock at Islandmagee.

This spectacular visitor attraction along the Northern Ireland coastline is scheduled to open during the summer of 2015, allowing intrepid visitors the chance to experience the Irish coastline in a way not seen since it was first built in 1902.

For more information visit: www.discovernorthernireland.com

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  1. Caleb says:

    There are so many great reasons to visit Ireland. I have been wanting to travel there for some time now. Hopefully I will be able to soon. I look forward to the rest of your reasons.

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