1848 Tricolour Celebration

Waterford City will play host to a significant celebration of Irish culture between the 4th & 6th March with the 1848 Tricolour Celebration taking place throughout the city.

As the honorary birthplace of the Irish Tricolour flag, Waterford will host this prestigious event during March which may forms part of the 2016 Easter Rising Commemorations.

1848 Tricolour Celebration

The 1848 Tricolour Celebration is a culturally and historically significant event in the Irish calender, as it commemorates the creation and unveiling of the Irish Tricolour flag by Thomas Francis Meagher, on the 7th March 1848. The flag has become universally revered by Ireland’s citizens and wider Diaspora as a symbol of Irish independence.

At the events core is the intention to mark the creation of Ireland’s national flag; An Bhratach Náisiúnta, and to promote the peaceful symbolism of the flag. For those planning an Ireland vacation in 2016 and to take in the Easter Rising Commemorations then a visit to the 1848 Tricolour Celebration should be added to the list of festivals and events.

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