2015 Irish Restaurant Awards

The winners of the 2015 Irish Restaurant Awards have just been announced.  The restaurant awards are a joint venture between the Restaurants Association of Ireland and the Irish Times.

Patrick Guilbaud’s restaurant in Dublin city centre has been chosen as the best restaurant in Ireland. This restaurant is part of Dublin’s Merrion Hotel and holds a two-star Michelin rating also won the coveted Dublin’s restaurant of the year.

The Oakroom Restaurant in Adare Manor Hotel in the picturesque Adare in Limerick was also selected as the best hotel restaurant in Ireland.

Chef Mickael Viljanen won again best chef for his cooking at the Greenhouse which is located just off St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin city centre.

The winner of best restaurant in Connacht was Kai Café & Restaurant in Galway and the best restaurant in Leinster was Campagne in Kilkenny which also has a Michelin star. 1826 Adare won best restaurant in Munster while Ox in Belfast won best in Ulster.

The Poacher’s Pocket in County Down won the best gastro pub in Ireland while the best newcomer title went to Deanes EIPIC in Belfast.

The president of the Restaurant Association of Ireland, Anthony Gray said that they had received some 30,000 nominations in the various categories.

“This year’s awards have been the biggest, brightest and the best. They are the awards everyone wants to be associated with, and everyone wants to be a winner,” he added.

“The Irish restaurant scene is vital to the economy, employing 72,000 people and generating revenue in excess of €2 billion per year. It’s great to celebrate the work that all of our restaurateurs around the country do to keep this aspect of our culture alive and kicking.”

Irish Restaurant Awards

  • Best Restaurant – Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, Dublin
  • Best Chef – Mickael Viljanen of The Greenhouse, Dublin
  • Best Hotel Restaurant – The Oakroom Restaurant at Adare Manor Hotel, Limerick
  • Best Casual Dining – Rua, Mayo
  • Best Gastro Pub in Ireland – The Poacher’s Pocket, Down
  • Best Wine Experience – OX, Belfast
  • Best Customer Service – Ristorante Rinuccini, Kilkenny
  • Best Newcomer – Deanes EIPIC, Belfast
  • Best Restaurant Manager – Saul McConnell of Deanes at Queens, Belfast
  • Best Kids Size Meal – Beaufield Mews, Dublin
  • Local Food Hero – Ronan Byrne “The Friendly Farmer”, Galway
  • Best Café – Idaho Café, Cork
  • Best Cocktail Experience – Vintage Cocktail Club, Dublin
  • Best Cookery School – Dublin Cookery School
  • Best Digital Marketing – The Happy Pear, Wicklow
  • Best Emerging Irish Cuisine – Loam, Galway
  • Best Private Dining Club Restaurant – Restaurant Forty One at Residence, Dublin
  • Best Seafood Experience – Fishy Fishy Restaurant Cork
  • Best Eco Friendly Restaurant – The Ocean Restaurant at The Maritime Hotel, Cork
  • Best World Cuisine – Ananda, Dublin

Full list

Regional & All-Ireland Award Winners:

  • Connaught – Kai Café & Restaurant, Galway
  • Dublin – Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud
  • Leinster – Campagne, Kilkenny
  • Munster – 1826 Adare, Limerick
  • Ulster – Ox, Antrim
  • All-Ireland- Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, Dublin

Best Chef

  • Connaught – Jessica Murphy of Kai Café and Restaurant, Galway
  • Dublin – Mickael Viljanen of The Greenhouse
  • Leinster – Rob Krawczyk of Brabazon at Tankardstown House, Meath
  • Munster – David Hurley of The Dining Room at Gregans Castle Hotel, Clare
  • Ulster – Neven Maguire of MacNean House and Restaurant, Cavan
  • All-Ireland- Mickael Viljanen of The Greenhouse, Dublin

Best Hotel Restaurant

  • Connaught- West at The Twelve, Galway
  • Dublin – The Cliff Townhouse
  • Leinster – The Cellar Restaurant at Step House Hotel, Carlow
  • Munster – The Oakroom Restaurant at Adare Manor Hotel, Limerick
  • Ulster – Ardtara Country House, Derry
  • All-Ireland- The Oakroom Restaurant at Adare Manor Hotel, Limerick

Best Casual Dining

  • Connaught- Rua, Mayo
  • Dublin – ETTO
  • Leinster – Eastern Seaboard Bar & Grill, Louth
  • Munster – Liberty Grill, Cork
  • Ulster – Graze, Antrim
  • All-Ireland- Rua, Mayo

Best Gastro Pub

  • Connaught- Blakes Corner Bar, Galway
  • Dublin – East Side Tavern
  • Leinster – Hartes of Kildare, Kildare
  • Munster – Toddies at the Bulman, Cork
  • Ulster – The Poacher‘s Pocket, Down
  • All-Ireland- The Poacher‘s Pocket, Down

Best Newcomer

  • Connaught – The Dough Bro‘s Wood Fired Pizza, Galway
  • Dublin – Amuse
  • Leinster – La Côte, Wexford
  • Munster – AROI, Limerick
  • Ulster – Deanes EIPIC, Belfast
  • All-Ireland – Deanes EIPIC, Belfast

Best Wine Experience

  • Connaught- West at The Twelve, Galway
  • Dublin – Montys of Kathmandu
  • Leinster – Greenacres, Wexford
  • Munster – The Black Pig, Cork
  • Ulster – Ox, Antrim
  • All-Ireland- Ox, Antrim

Best Customer Service

  • Connaught- Roisin Dubh Restaurant at Renvyle House Hotel, Galway
  • Dublin – Jaipur, Dalkey
  • Leinster – Ristorante Rinuccini, Kilkenny
  • Munster – La Bohème Restaurant & Wine Bar, Waterford
  • Ulster – Church Street Restaurant, Derry
  • All-Ireland- Ristorante Rinuccini, Kilkenny

Best Kids Size Meal

  • Dublin- Beaufield Mews
  • All-Ireland- Beaufield Mews, Dublin

Best Restaurant Manager

  • Dublin – Stéphane Robin of Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud
  • All-Ireland – Saul McConnell of Deanes at Queens, Belfast

Best Emerging Irish Cuisine

  • Dublin – Delahunt
  • All-Ireland – Loam, Galway
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