DiscoveringIreland reverse US Dollar declines

At DiscoveringIreland, we always pride ourselves on putting our Guests first and are always looking for ways to offer better value without compromising the service we deliver. As you are well aware, the dollar has recently hit record lows against the Euro and many of our Guests and potential Guests have expressed their concern. 

Behind the scenes, over the last few months, our Finance Director has been applying great foresight in currency management so we are now in a position to provide our vacation products at a great value exchange rate. Resisiting the temptation to profit from this currency hedging, we are now offering an exchange rate of just $1.35 per Euro to any US Guest booking a vacation to Ireland. This “turns back the clock” to February of this year before the recent sharp declines in the Dollar’s value.

This change was made last Thursday (November 8th) and the level of interest already has been staggering

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