A barrel of laughs awaits at the Cat Laughs Festival in Kilkenny

They say laughter is the best medicine and there is nothing like a good stand up comedy show to put a smile on ones face and to help one to relax and relieve stress at times. Plus the best in stand up comedy often reveals some apt social and cultural truths wrapped up in clever entertaining punchlines and jokes.

During a trip to Ireland, you will notice that comedy plays a big part in Irish culture with Ireland having produced some of the most internationally renowned comedians and comedy shows. This rich tradition in comic storytelling and stand up comedy can be seen in many comedy gigs and festivals taking place up and down the country which are well worth a visit during a vacation in Ireland.

Of all the main comedy festivals in Ireland to note on ones itinerary, the Cat Laughs Festival in Kilkenny has to be the one to watch. Now in its twentieth year running, the festival, which runs from Thursday 29th May till Monday 2nd June, features stand up comedy gigs in various venues around the city of Kilkenny. Expect to see performances from many stalwarts of Irish stand up comedy as well as international comics and upcoming talent from around the globe.

Originally set up in 1994 as a way to bring the burgeoning glut of Irish comedic talent to a national audience, The Cat Laughs Festival is now Ireland’s and indeed one of the worlds top comedy festivals. Known for its laid back manner, there are no competitions with the emphasis of the whole festival being on providing a light hearted, fun atmosphere. This makes it the perfect environment for some of Ireland’s most beloved comedy giants who along with their counterparts from across the globe help to bring some of the best in stand up comedy to County Kilkenny for five days a year.

The Sky Cat Laughs Comedy Festival 2014

Most of the festival comprises top notch stand-up comedy performances from established comics both national and international, as well as featuring long awaited débuts of many highly rated newcomers and break-through acts. As well as stand-up, other forms of comedy are explored. Over the years the festival has also included a variety of alternative comedic shows including but not limited to readings by comedy authors, exhibitions of cartoonists, short films and silent era films accompanied by live piano accompaniment. It even had a show which featured film screenings with Q and A sessions from stars/directors.

These alternative comedy gigs feature alongside the full programme of stand up comedy shows. This years comedy offerings along with the large programme of stand up comedy shows from a rich line-up of season regulars and nationally and internationally acclaimed comedians, means the Cat Laughs Festival has much to offer visitors. Now in its 20th year this years renewal promises to be extra special with a 20th birthday party show amongst the many highlights.

With its world-class programme of stand up comedy gigs and comedic shows showcasing top notch comedy talents, among them some of Ireland’s most beloved comics, a host of internationally renowned comic stars and many highly rated newcomers, in the five days that The Cat Laughs Festival plays in the marble city of Kilkenny you can expect to laugh and be entertained by some of the worlds best comedians during an family vacation in Kilkenny.

A popular city for those vacationing in Ireland, Kilkenny is popular for those planning on taking a vacation in Ireland, with a range of visitors frequenting each year. Boasting a vibrant nightlife with a range of restaurants and pubs, the city is also popular with hen and stag parties with a range activities on offer for stags in Kilkenny.

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  1. Maureen says:

    Looking forward to seeing Tommy Tiernan this year also at the Cat Laughs Festival. Kilkenny always seems to be a popular place for hosting some of the best hen and stag parties Ireland has to offer. Should be fun!

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