An Irish Gathering 2013 Reminder

The Irish Gathering 2013 will be a fantastic yearlong celebration of all things Irish, an opportunity for Ireland to open its arms to its thousands of friends and family from all over the world and invite them home to the Emerald Isle to the many gatherings happening in villages, towns and cities.

Through an assortment of events and gatherings arranged and managed by local or national groups and communities, The Irish Gathering 2013 aims to reach out and reconnect the many Irish people who have moved away, people of Irish descent, and those with a love of all things Irish, with the country of Ireland.

With plenty planned and still more events being announced daily, there are many clan gatherings and festivals, as well as an array of special concerts, music and sporting events taking place up and down the country throughout the whole year.

The Irish Gathering 2013 is a chance for Irish local communities to showcase and share what it means to be Irish. Involving all in the best of Irish culture and traditions, sport and music, and that legendary Irish craic!

Starting  in a matter of months now with the New Year’s Eve Festival in Dublin and continue all next year, festivals and events will be celebrated all over Ireland, so make sure you are part of it and start planning now how you can be here to be involved or just be in attendance at the one and only people’s party!

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