Celebrate Irish Produce

There is no doubt that for culinary delights, Ireland is consistently producing award winning food for consumption in its restaurants, cafes and stores, and that locals and visitors will regularly see locally sourced produced on the menu of nearly all restaurants and cafes or locally sourced and sold produce within stores up and down the country.

This demand for Irish produce is becoming greater and recently, Euro-toques Ireland, which is part of the European Community of Chefs that was set up to protect traditional foods and culinary heritage has asked farmers to think about supplying restaurants direct, as they are finding it difficult to source certain locally produced goods.

According to Euro-toques, approximately 70% of food purchased by its Irish chefs was Irish in origin but that more was wanted and that chefs are inviting farmers into their kitchens in the search for taste and quality, which they know they can get from Irish farms and food produce.

If you have ever been on vacation in Ireland and experienced good Irish food, you will know why the demand is here. So proud are we of our food that you will find celebrations and prestigious food festivals up and down the country, such as: Galway International Oyster Festival, Kinsale Food Festival, A Taste of West Cork, Listowel Food Fair, Savour Kilkenny Food Festival, A Taste of Dublin, Westport Food Festival and many many more all showcasing the very best of Irish food and home-grown produce.

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