Connemara Four Seasons Walking Festival

Here in Ireland we are blessed with some awe inspiring scenic landscapes that beg to be fully explored and experienced no matter what the season or weather. For many the best way to fully explore the terrain and take in our breathtaking scenery is often on foot thus opening up Ireland as a destination of choice for outdoor activities, adventure sports and all manner of walks and hikes. And autumn with its cooler temperatures and shortening days opens up a different holiday experience.

Connemara Four Seasons Walking Tour

Connemara Four Seasons Walking Festival










The beautifully rugged and wild area of Connemara, County Galway, contains some spectacular scenery encompassing mountains, beaches and islands is a region that has to be explored on foot to get the full experience. Such a place with its varying terrain and stunning scenery is thus a paradise for hillwalking and hiking groups. And visitors to the area wanting to explore the region in full would do well to take part in The Connemara Four Seasons Autumn Walking Festival which has been taking place over the past few days until today the 20th October. The walking festival takes place four times in the year: once in the middle of the spring, summer, autumn and winter months. Its’ aim being to offer visitors taking part a new perspective in how the Connemara landscape changes with the seasons.

The walks are carefully selected by renowned archaeologist Michael Gibbons who is ones guide throughout the festival and the autumn festival will encapsulate the regions of Omey Island, Connemara National park, Innisnee and Errisbeg. With a guide who has a unique insight into the historic and cultural heritage of the area, one will get a walking experience whilst taking a trip to Ireland, that only brings one face to face with the awesome elements of the outdoors in autumn but also gives one a unique insight into the history and ancient heritage of the famous region.

A festival for hillwalkers, and lovers of the outdoors, it offers adventurous visitors or people taking a vacation in Ireland a chance to get to know the unique and internationally renowned scenic landscape of the Connemara region on foot with a number of specially guided walks taking place over the three days. And if you enjoyed this festival you will be glad to note that the winter version will be just around the corner in the last few days of December.

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