Cork gets Top 10 listing in Lonely Planet

It is with great pride, here at DiscoveringIreland, that we welcome the announcement that Cork City has  been listed alongside well known cities in the USA, Canada, UAE and Japan in a new Lonely Planet  guide for the top places to visit in 2010.

The “Best in Travel 2010” published earlier this week lists Cork as the only city in Britain or Ireland among the best places to go and best things to do in the year ahead.
Cork was listed as a “top city” alongside Abu Dhabi in the UAE, Charleston  in South Carolina, USA, Cuenca in Ecuador, Istanbul in Turkey , Kyoto in Japan, Lecce in Italy, Sarajevo, Singapore and Vancouver in Canada.

The guide describes  Cork as being now “at the top of its game: sophisticated, vibrant and diverse”.

Tourism figures in Cork have strongly welcomed the inclusion of the city as being “a major boost”. This achievement brings Cork out from the shadow of Dublin as the city destination when tourists plan travel to Ireland and may be start of a movement that will see other commentators take notice and give Cork the recognistion it deserves.

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  1. Bret Houston says:

    It is almost impossible to travel in Italy without finding something historic – Italy has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the planet, and there are plenty of things that UNESCO doesn’t bother listing that are most likely older than whatever you’ve seen before. Italy is a land with history.

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