Discover Irish Artisan Food Produce

Sourcing Ireland’s foodie gems is very easy do so as the food community in Ireland is thriving. For those considering a vacation in Ireland, the friendliness of the people, the tradition of hospitality and the unique quality of the food, makes Ireland a wonderful place for a foodie holiday.

Experience the local and regional specialities from Skeaghanore Duck from Ballydebob in West Cork to air-dried lamb from Connemara. Whilst travelling in Ireland, visit specialist shops and food markets to meet with local farmers, artisan food producers and farmhouse cheesemakers. With many food festivals to enjoy such as Dingle Food Festival and Kenmare Food Fair you will be spoilt for choice.

Farmer's Market in Ireland

Discover one of the many farmers markets whilst on a foodie vacation in Ireland


When looking at trips to Ireland if you are looking to delve into the Irish food scene and want to meet the people behind the produce, a good way to experience this is on one of the many food trails available. There are a host of food tours in many cities and towns in Ireland that can be enjoyed. From Belfast to Dublin, there are a host of food tours to enjoy while exploring the many sights and landscapes that Ireland has to offer. One such tour is in Dublin, where you can enjoy the essence of Irish cuisine and food culture of Dublin. Taking in a host of establishments from markets to artisan cheese shops to chocolate shops, is a great way to sample Irish cuisine whilst on your vacation.

Another great stop off is the English Market located in County Cork. Origins of the English Market trace back to the times of King James 1 in 1610. A mix of traditional Cork fare and exciting new foods from afar, combined with long standing family-run stalls contribute to the unique appeal and atmosphere of the market. Long recognised by locals as a place to meet and eat, the English Market offers tourist and locals alike a tantalising range of Irish food from quality meet and fish to herbs spices, baked delicacies, speciality cheeses, fruit and vegetables.

For artisan cheese lovers, Ireland is rife with cheese shops. A self drive tour of Ireland is the ideal way to explore their many locations. Dublin, Galway, Waterford and Meath is home to Meridans where you can drop in for some samples, sip some wine and take home a cheese wheel with you. If you trip to Ireland takes you to Schull in West Cork, sample the wares at Gubbeen Cheese, a 250 acre coastal farm just outside the village.


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