Donegal win All-Ireland GAA Football Championship 2012

This morning in the North West County of Donegal, they are still celebrating their momentous win in the 2012 All-Ireland GAA Football Championship as they were crowned All-Ireland GAA Football champions, in front of a packed out Croke Park in Dublin on Sunday.

Beating Mayo 2-11 to 0-13, Donegal meant business from the start with captain Michael Murphy scoring a goal just after 3 minutes and when Colm McFadden added a second goal, it seemed it would be Donegal’s day but as the game progressed Mayo battled on in what was close fought tooth-and-nail scrap final to the end.

A highly anticipated match, there was expectations from both travelling sets of fans as to who would come away victorious –  would it be Mayo who had not won Sam Maguire (the name given to the All-Ireland GAA Football Cup) since 1951 or would it be Donegal who have only won this competition once before

Worthy winners, over the past few years, Donegal have been gradually making their mark on the game with a tough run to the final, coming all the way from the preliminary round of the Ulster championship to claim back-to-back provincial titles for the first time in their history, before accounting for Kerry and Cork in the All-Ireland series.

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