Dublin Air Traffic Controllers Dispute

So far today the air traffice control services in Dublin Airport operated with as normal with no delay to passengers.  At this point it is impossible to predict how and when the ban on overtime may affect services and cause delays or flight cancellations.The unofficial overtime ban being imposed by air traffic controllers is due to the lack of air traffic controllers at Dublin Airport and around the country.  There are approximately 300 air traffic controllers in Ireland with 100 of those based in Dublin. No new air traffic controllers have been recruited since 9/11 and although there are currently approximately 70 in training many of these will not come on stream until later this year or next year. Air traffic controllers go through an intensive 2 year programme before they are qualified.

With  increasing  air traffic in and out of all the Irish airports and particularly Dublin the only way of currently operating a full service is with overtime by people working their days off and their rest days to keep the service going.

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  1. Allen says:

    I am thinking about taking a trip to Ireland on the week of April 7,2008! I want to find where I could find others that might be attending this trip? I fly into Dublin on the 7th. Is there another blog of people going on specific dates and tours?..Where can I find everyone….


  2. Hi Allen

    Unfortunately we do not have a blog of people you are travelling on specific dates and tours. We do offer Escorted Coach tours which generally have 30 -50 people on the which you could join.

    Alternatively we have backpacking tours which may suit you, smaller group, younger age profile generally.

    Please let me know if I can be of assistance with booking on either of these tour options.


  3. paul.obrien says:

    Hi Allen

    If you send an email to the contact section of the DiscoveringIreland website or hit the enquire button you can have one of our Ireland Guides help you. There are tours of Ireland done in groups which we can get you on. We can also get you more information about where to go and what to see.


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