Dublin’s National Gallery to be Upgraded

The National Gallery in Dublin is to get an upgraded estimated to be worth €20 million.

Equating to its biggest single past refurbishment project since its opening in 1864, the forthcoming National Gallery upgrade is to take place over 2 years, with the aim of finishing before 2016 to form part of the plans of the 1916 centenary commemorations.

The refurbishments will take place to the Dargan Wing – one of the biggest halls in Dublin and part of the original building, and the Milltown Wing – an addition to the structure in 1903. Both rooms in much need of renovation have been closed since 2011, when the Dargan’s Wing roof was repaired and it is believed that following the completion of the renovations, the public will be able to observe Victorian features and spaces within the building that were not previously available for public view.

Deemed critical for some time, the refurbishment of these wings is welcomed by all art enthusiasts, to ensure the long-term preservation of the works of art that require temperature-controlled environments, a feature that neither wing currently has.

It is hoped that following the refurbishments works the National Gallery will entice more visitors and tourists in the Dublin area as part of their Ireland Vacation to the attraction, and that both refurbished wings will provide unique meeting rooms in Dublin, ideal for receptions.

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