Dublin’s Spire is 10 Years Old

Love it or loathe it, the Spire on O’Connell Street in Dublin City Centre has been a prominent feature of the capitals skyline for 10 years!

Forcing mix views over the decade, the 120m Spire that was designed by British Architect Ian Ritchie at a cost of €4.6 million and which has a capsule buried at its foot that includes items such as the front page of an edition of The Irish Times and a till receipt from the bar in the Shelbourne Hotel, stands proudly in O’Connell Street and has become a popular tourist attraction.

With both locals and visitors on vacation in Ireland using the monument as a meeting place as well as an object for creative photographs, with many taking pictures further down O’Connell Street so that they can pretend to be holding the Spire in the hand and others contorting themselves into different stances, including laying on the floor in an attempt to get the structure in its entirety!

A thing of beauty, just a meeting place, or a monumental structure – whatever your opinions, the Spire has been both a permanent fixture and attracting attention in Dublin’s city centre for a decade!

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