East Cork Early Music Festival

East Cork and cork city’s rich heritage and culture, its many historic landmarks, heritage towns and stately homes often bring to mind another time and place. That rich history and culture can be seen in full in the upcoming East Cork Early Music Festival a small music festival with a difference. Running from Thursday 10th – Sunday 13th October, it celebrates and brings back classical period instrumental music from a bygone era through live performances utilising many of Cork and East Corks best known historical settings. During the 4 days expect to be entranced by beautifully recreated music from the Medieval, Renaissance and the Baroque periods performed in selected venues around cork city and the surrounding area of East Cork.

Since it was started in 2003 the festival has had many memorable performances with some of the worlds leading early music performers holding concerts in the timely settings of historic local landmarks such as St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Fota House and Cloyne Cathedral, as well as the recently completed Curtis Auditorium in the Cork School of Music. Over the years the likes of Emma Kirkby, The Palladian Ensemble, Barthold and Wieland Kuijken, Quintessential, James Bowman, The London Handel Players, Rachel Brown, Irish Baroque Orchestra and Bob van Asperen, to name but a few, have captivated audiences with their magnificent renditions of long forgotten classical music in stately and atmospheric settings of the area.

This years upcoming festival looks set to be just as magnificent with many performers set to bring more classical music of another era back to entrance a modern audience in the scenic historically and culturally rich backdrop of cork city and East Cork. If classical music is your thing or you want to be entertained by long forgotten music only heard about in period pieces or in history books then checkout what is on in the upcoming festival online at http://eastcorkearlymusic.ie. Tickets can be bought online or from the Everyman Palace theatre.

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