Emerald Isle Classic to attract thousands of Americans

This Saturday 1st September, The Emerald Isle Classic between Notre Dame and Navy from the USA kicks off at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin at the local time of 2pm, marking the start of the Football season. The two teams have only met and played outside the United States on one other occasion and that was at Dublin’s Croke Park in 1996, some 16 years ago.

With up to 35,000 American expected to travel to Dublin for what is being billed as one of the most talked about games of the US College American Football Season, many will be combining this game with their stay over here to make it a longer vacation in Ireland.

The Emerald Isle Classic game sponsored by The Gathering Ireland and which is being played here in Dublin as part of a TV deal signed with CBS looks to be a complete sell out, and both teams are excited about the forthcoming fixture, despite some concerns from coaching staff with regards to pitch quality, grounds facilities and jet-lag of players.

So if you are one of the thousands travelling to Ireland for this fixture, don’t forget to set your recorders back home in the US to capture the action and if you are not travelling but planning to watch the game live on telly in the US, remember that kick off is 9:00am ET.

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