Europe’s finest on show at the SUBTITLE European Film Festival

Ireland is well known for its rich cinematic history and continued interest in the silver screen with numerous film and short film festivals taking place across the country throughout the year. However, Kilkenny City will be playing host to a film festival with a difference with SUBTITLE European Film Festival taking place between 24th and 30th November 2014.

SUBTITLE European Film FestivalThe annual film festival, entering its third year, offers audiences something a little different and outside the mainstream of the Hollywood blockbusters with a selection of some of Europe’s most popular films. An added bonus for cinema goers is that many of these European masterpieces have never been screened theatrically in Ireland.

The festival offers a wide range of genres for audiences to enjoy ranging from the provocative, funny, accessible to smart European films alongside a host of top filmmakers and some of Europe’s rising film stars. The Festival aims to make you see cinema in a whole new way!

The  SUBTITLE Festival of European film in Ireland made its début back in 2012 and proved to be a huge success, showcasing some of the finest films and most talented filmmakers from across Europe in the Marble City of Kilkenny. For those enjoying a vacation in Ireland then a trip to Kilkenny in late November should not be missed.

Speaking at the launch of the 2014 edition of  SUBTITLE, Artistic Director Richard Cook said:

‘Many of the brilliant films and TV shows that have captivated us for the last few years have come from Europe – The Killing, Borgen and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, to name a few. Many of these have also gone on to be remade by Hollywood studios. SUBTITLE gives audiences the chance to see where all this filmmaking talent comes from.’

The festival concludes with the Angela European Film Awards which take place on its closing night. Past recipients have included Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and The Hobbit’s Mikael Persbrandt. Other celebrity guests have included well known film director Jim Sheridan and actors Robert Sheehan and Amy Huberman.

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