Fáilte Ireland’s preliminary tourism statistics for 2015

Following on from the latest travel data statistics by the Central Statistics Office, Fáilte Ireland have just published its Tourism Facts for 2015, detailing a full report on how tourism in general and trips to Ireland fared over the year. Each year, Fáilte Ireland collects information from an array of sources including the CSO, generating an outlay of tourism performance in Ireland to share with its members of the industry and stakeholders.

The report analyses in detail the performance of overseas and domestic markets and it also analyses holiday-maker behaviour as well as regional spread.

Fáilte Ireland have just released their preliminary tourism statistics for 2015

Fáilte Ireland have just released their preliminary tourism statistics for 2015

Details in the 10 page report show that the number of overseas tourists planning a vacation in Ireland has grown by 13.1% to 8 million in 2015. 4 million of these trips were non-business related trips and were mainly due to leisure holiday trips of people planning vacations mainly in Ireland’s capital city, Dublin. Additionally spend by tourists visiting Ireland in 2015 was estimated to be worth €5.9 billion.

In relation to spend, mainland Europe is the largest source market at €1.6 billion was the largest source market. The UK still remains the biggest source market, accounting for 42% of inbound traffic while Irish residents took 7.5 million domestic trips and spent €1.5 billion in 2015.

Discussing the 2015 Tourism Facts, a Fáilte Ireland spokesperson stated: “This document provides a rich resource for anyone looking for the fundamental facts about tourism in Ireland and is a valuable resource for those who wish to analyse current trends and patterns in the industry.”

Details on the full document can be accessed on the Fáilte Ireland website.

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