Figures show that 700,000 people are now living in poverty

ireland vacationsNew figures announced today by Social Justice Ireland shows that one sixth of the Irish population are living in poverty. The shocking statistics claim that one third of the figure applies to women and children. In addition to this, an employed person doesn’t necessarily live poverty free in Ireland.

The study explained that the poorest 10% of households have an average disposable income of just €210 a week.  Compared this to the average of €2,276 a week for the richest 10% of households and it is easy to see why the figures are so one sided.

Fresh calls to the government came today as people demand solutions and help for those stuck in the poverty trap. Emigration figures have soared in the last year. Director of Social Justice Ireland Fr. Sean Healy has stated that approx 40,200 Irish people left the country last year alone and the figures are expected to be about the same  this year.

The tourism industry in Ireland is just one of the industries needed to improve to boost both morale and finance. The advertising and portrayal of Ireland vacations abroad will continue to be a main priority for the economy.

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