GAA Hurling All Ireland Championship 2012

After a gruelling all-Ireland championship full of ups and downs for all those involved, we now have our two finalist for the GAA Hurling All Ireland Championship 2012 – Galway and Kilkenny. The final will take place on Sunday 9th September at 3:30pm in Croke Park, Dublin, and as always will be full of passion and pride as the two counties do battle to be 2012 champions!

The most characteristic of Irish games, Hurling its origins are in Ireland’s ancient Celtic culture and the sport is mentioned in the legends of mythical Irish warrior Cuchulainn. To the uninitiated the game of Hurling may resemble Hockey, but Hurling has more in common with the Scots Gaelic game of Shinty.

Hurling is arguably the oldest field team sport in Europe brought to the shores of Ireland by the ancient Celts some 2,000 years ago and the sport is chronicled throughout Irish folklore. It is also regarded as the fastest moving field team sport in the world. It’s a tough game, very much a contact sport and you’ll see sliothars and hurleys flying around at head height and though some players wear helmets, it isn’t obligatory!

A uniquely Irish game, if you are over here soon on your vacation in Ireland and if you get the opportunity to watch a match there is no better introduction to than the GAA Hurling All Ireland Senior Championship 2012 Final

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