Guide to Self Drive Tours in Ireland

Ireland offers majestic and picturesque landscapes which attract millions of tourists to the breathtaking country each year. Self-drive tours of Ireland have become increasingly popular in recent years offering not only flexibility to travel as you wish but also a wide range of experiences as you drive your way around Ireland. At Discovering Ireland Vacations, we have compiled a handy guide to plan a self-drive vacation in Ireland.

The eastern coast of Northern Ireland and Antrim Coastal road with a tunnel

1. Planning Your Destinations:

At Discovering Ireland we have a range of self drive tours on offer including 6 night, 7 night, 8 night, 10 night, 12 night and 14 night tours complete with action-packed itineraries and activities not to mention the breath-taking landscapes endured along the way.

There are a wide array of activities available with each package. Each of our tours has different themes so there is a self-drive tour to suit everyone.

2. Going At Your Own Pace

Self-drive tours are designed to be enjoyed immensely. With our range of self-drive packages and Ireland vacation deals, you have the flexibility of choosing your own dates. Guided tours tend to follow a strict schedule which doesn’t leave much time to fully explore.

3. Visit Hidden Gems

During a self-drive tour, you can immerse yourself in Ireland’s Hidden Gems. Ireland is known to tourists all over the world for having some of the most picturesque sights and idyllic landscapes which provides a perfect backdrop for some photography during your self-drive tour.

4. Having A Bite To Eat After!

After each day, there is no doubt that you will be hungry from all the travelling. With self-drive tours, you have the flexibility of discovering Ireland’s most delicious restaurants.  Relax and unwind and enjoy the luxurious menus Ireland’s restaurants has to offer.

5. Peace and Quiet!

A self-drive tour is meant for relaxation and a break away from everyday life. When you embark on a self-drive tour, you can park your car and embrace the peace and quiet Ireland has to offer. Not only that, the roads in Ireland are generally quite especially during the certain months of the year meaning you won’t be stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic during your self-drive tour.




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