Guinness tastes better in Ireland – Barack Obama

Irish people often mused when tasting the national drink overseas that it “doesn’t travel well”, referring to the fact that Guinness never seems to taste as good anywhere else as it does when at home in Ireland.

Yesterday in Moneygall, County Offaly that view was affirmed by none other than the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, as he sampled a pint of the black stuff in a pub in his ancestral home village.

The president shared some banter with the small crowd inside Ollie Hayes’ pub on the main street in the tiny midlands village.  “I’ve been told that it makes a difference who the person behind the bar is. People are very particular who is pouring your Guinness. I am right about that? You people can vouch for this guy?” he asked the crowd in the bar.

He later commented “I realised it tastes so much better here than it was in the States. What I realised was, that you guys, that you are keeping all the best stuff. I’m very impressed”

So, we always knew that Guinness “doesn’t travel well” but don’t take our word for it, ask the President of the USA….. and visit Ireland to taste the truth for yourself! Of course when you are here you should also taste Murphys or Beamish, both brewed in Cork, Ireland’s brewing capital.

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19 Responses to Guinness tastes better in Ireland – Barack Obama

  1. Maureen Doran says:

    I definitely think Guinness tastes better in Ireland. My husband and I went there in March of 2010, to celebrate our 20th anniversary on March 17th. Our first Guinness was in Temple Bar in Dublin, and then there wasn’t a pub we passed that we didn’t try a Guinness in. It was our favorite vacation ever and we can’t wait to go back!

  2. Jim Calvert says:

    Guinness does taste different. On my trip to Ireland with my brother we visited 35 pubs and had a pint in each. Upon returning to the states I ordered a Guinness in the airport lounge and took one drink and knew it to be so!!! Much different in ireland…much better!!

  3. Mike says:

    Yesyesyes. I agree with the President completely.. on this issue at least. Guiness tastes much better in Ireland then it does herein the US. But please do everyone on the planet a favor and STOP putting Guiness in cans. The only “beer” in the US in cans is the swill that frat boys use on the weekends to get drunk.

  4. Mike Ryan, Toronto, Canada says:

    The President is right. I’ve done the
    taste test many times.There is a difference between
    Canada Guiness and Ireland Guinness. Maybe it’s bruised
    in shipment to Canada? The President is one of us.
    4 swigs and it was gone. He’s not afraid of Guinness.
    Yay, President.

    The Queen was gracious but her lips didn’t touch the glass
    and Prince Philip didn’t step in.

  5. Diane Cathleen Charmley says:

    much sweeter, richer in Ireland, not to mention the music and crazy fun places I’ve had my Guiness: Kilrush, Galway, Longford..yummy

  6. J. I. Notarthomas says:

    Thanks for the update on our very special couple, President and Mrs. Obama. I am sure they were well received in Ireland and taken grand care of. Also very happy Queen Elizabeth found her way to the “green” Isle.
    The Isle of my beloved family.
    The very best to all in Ireland!

  7. KEVIN says:


    • Seamus O'Murchu says:

      Hi Kevin, Not sure that’s true. Yes they have to be mindful of security but are you suggesting all food and drink (and airline fuel) are brought from the USA everytime a US president travels? What is believed to happen is a secret service party travels a few weeks ahead of the president and ensures all food, drink, fuel etc that is consumed during the visit is safe.

    • Leigh says:

      You’ll have to prove THAT little ditty (re: the Prez bring his own Guinness)
      to me……anyway,he certainly didn’t look too unhappy,but rather determined
      to ‘knock back’ with the crew, whereEVER the Guinness came from!!

      Slainte’ !!!!

  8. Mike Cobb says:

    My wife, sister-in-law and I spent a delightful 2 weeks in Ireland exploring your beautiful country earlier this month…enjoyed several pints of Guiness after getting our certificates at the factory…

  9. JEANNE says:

    My husband and I spent two months in the British Isles in 2004 and were planning a whole month in 2006 for the Ryder Cup. Unfortunately he had a fatal hear attack before he could enjoy his daily Guinness again. He definitely agreed that it didn’t taste the same any place else.

  10. Dave says:

    Mr Obama and I might not agree on many things, but I would gladly buy him a Guiness in Ireland anytime – it is quite delicious there, and even in Italy the brew is wonderful, but here in the states I cannot say I like it at all. Guiness in Ireland is absolutely different than in the USA.

  11. Chester Edward Michals Jnr. says:

    Guinness is better over there.I wish i had my irish forgin birth recorded. And some euros i would Be drinking some of Mother s Milk now!!! Thanks Chester,Ri

  12. Kathy says:

    Guiness definitely tastes best when enjoyed in Ireland-It may be a whole different brew

  13. K Treadwell says:

    Oh yes, Guinness taste better in Ireland. Too bad the Queen couldn’t even bring herself to take a sip. She don’t know what she’s a missing!
    Loved our trip this past March 2011.
    Greetings to George out in the Burren of County Clare. We are ready to make Ireland our 51st state!

  14. M. Clark says:

    I definitely agree that Guinness tastes better in Ireland. The pub food is also fantastic.

  15. Leonardo says:

    I had guinnes in many places round the world, just hoping to find again the original taste, and curiously enough, there’s Irish taste and “theRestOfTheWorld” taste…
    I also asked to a local guide during a tour of Dublin and he said “well, it might be that travelling makes it different”.
    At the Guinnes museum they didn’t mention anything like two production lines…
    Maybe they do it on purpose to make you come back 🙂

  16. Absolutely the best tasting in it’s own origin. ( totaly awesome )
    My husband and I were there in 07. I’m not a beer drinker but
    I would definately drink that in the sky bar anytime.

  17. Ireland Travel Agent says:

    I’ve found that whenever I travel to Ireland I MUST visit local pubs, talk with the locals and of course have my few sips of Guiness… Of course Guiness is always best when you’re drinking it with fun locals!

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