Harry Potter and the Tom Markham Cup

In the space of just a few days, Ireland has seen some of Hollywood’s hottest property celebrate with a winning GAA team and mingle with locals and visitors.

The Dublin Minor GAA Football team were celebrating in the city on Sunday after beating Meath in Croke Park. After much celebrating round the city, the team bumped into Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe who posed for photos and joined the boys in blue to help continue the celebrations back at the house of one of the players.

No magic, wizardry, broomsticks or flying cars, the players and the Harry Potter star took a taxi back to the house where celebrations continued and players and Radcliffe posed with the Tom Markham Cup.

Just a few days later and a few hundred miles to the west of Dublin, any visitors on their Ireland Vacations who were in the area of Boyle, Co Roscommon might have been wondering why they were seeing a St Patrick’s Day Parade in the middle of September! The answer was simply that local boy and star of Hollywood smash Bridesmaids, Chris O’Dowd was back in his home town filming the second series of his hit Sky 1 TV series ‘Moone Boy’

Visitor’s and those unfamiliar with the hit show may have also wondered why  everyone in town that day was dressed in slightly dated clothes, this is because the semi-autobiographical series co-written by O’Dowd focuses on a young boy’s life growing up in Ireland in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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