Ireland ranks well in terms of visitor numbers

Vacations to Ireland are as popular as every according to the recent survey completed by a Movehub. A regular in the top list of destinations to visit in the world, trips to Ireland are deeming very popular as Ireland is ranking very well in the top 50 most visited countries on the planet.

Ranking at number 32 on a table of the biggest and most popular tourist destinations in the world, Ireland beat off stiff competition from Australia, Brazil and Portugal. Ireland is estimated to have more than 7.6 million visitors per year, whilst France gets the top spot for the biggest amount of visitors boasting almost 81 million visitors per year. The United States, just missed the top position, coming in second place with an estimated 62 million visitors per year.

The map created by Movehub, shows China in third position with over 57 million visitors per year closely followed by Spain in fourth place with 56 million visitors. Italy came in surprisingly in fifth place, welcoming more than 46 million visitors per year, followed by Turkey with 34 million visitors and the UK with over 29 million visitors.

Most popular destinations in the world to visit.

Most popular destinations in the world to visit- by Movehub

Max Holloway of Movehub, who compiled the colourful map, said “Ireland ranked very high in the list. Ireland’s large numbers of visitors reflect its popularity as a nation among the rest of the world”.

“In terms of the international community Ireland is very popular, no-one sees it having any historic or current foreign policies that would put people off from visiting. We see a great number of people moving there from Australia, France, Canada, UK and the USA. Ireland also gets movers from around the world, but those are the big five. I think there is a great deal of local tourism from England, Scotland and Wales to Ireland”, said Mr. Holloway.

Interestingly the least five visited countries in the world are; The Solomon Islands (23,000), Moldova (11,000) Kirbati (5,300) Marshall Islands (5,000) and Tuvalu (1,200).

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