Ireland to host Euro 2020?

It has been said that Scotland and Wales are considering putting in a bid to host Euro 2020. If it passes, this bid will involve the Republic of Ireland as well.

At this point only Turkey has come forward to confirm they are bidding. UEFA’s official deadline is midnight at the end of Tuesday. UEFA president Michel Platini has stated that he would support Turkey’s bid but only if Istanbul failed in its bid to host the Olympics in the same year which is understandable.

Despite the Scottish Football Association chief executive Stewart Regan confirming the idea of bidding for Euro 2020 had been discussed at the very least, there has still been no confirmation from Scottish or Welsh FA officials but it is believed that talks are well and truly in place.

Where Ireland comes in all this is that there is a need for expansion (in addition to Scotland and Wales) of the tournament due to the involvement of 24 teams.

A source told the Press Association: “Discussions have taken place about bidding but we would not be able to bid alone. It may need to be three countries involved.”

Fingers and toes are crossed as it would be brilliant for Ireland to host and be part of such a large event. The tourism industry here in Ireland will always welcome more visitors as it gives people the chance to enjoy Ireland’s wonderful sights and experiences.

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