Ireland Vacation – Why are you waiting?

You probably already know that there are some great reasons to come to Ireland on vacation that never change. You will find thousands of reasons throughout literature, news and on the web as to why Ireland should be  chosen as a destination.
However, right now, there is one new big reason why you should choose Ireland and why you should choose it now!. That reason is value;

Ireland is a member of the European single currency, the euro, which has seen its value fall by up to 30% from its peak in recent years. That means that, for example, the US dollar buys almost 30% more Euro’s now than it did in 2009. But there’s more: The prices of vacation products such as accommodation, car rental, restaurant meals etc have fallen dramatically over the last year. When these savings are added to the greater value of the US$, the savings can be up to 50% in total.

This is an opportunity not to be missed! By booking now you can lock in this great value even if the Euro strengthens again before you travel.

Come and experience for yourself the reasons why Ireland is one of the world’s favorite vacations destinations and benefit from amazing value by booking in 2010.

So…. back to the “other” and permanent reasons to book a vacation in Ireland:
We have surveyed many of our Guests over the years about what they liked about Ireland. Here are the top 10 reasons given by people who said they would return to Ireland on another vacation:

1. Warmth and Friendliness of the People

2. Stunning Irish Scenery

3. Ireland’s History and Strong Heritage

4. Culture – Irish Music and Dance

5. Irish Food and Drink

6. The clean, fresh air and countryside of Ireland

7. Festivals in Ireland

8. A variety of activities

9. Pubs are about atmosphere not just alcohol

10. Irish Sports – Especially Hurling

Do a quick survey yourself of the web and look at various travel publications such as The Lonely Planet, Shermans Travel magazine, even Conde Naste Traveler: You will find that the above themes are repeated again and again. There are very few destinations that can offer such a broad range of reasons to be chosen for vacation, but Ireland has them all.
Combine these great reasons with the exceptional value available when booking right now and we honestly believe that Ireland is the world’s best Vacation destination for 2010.
We look forward to welcoming you!

Here are just some of the great deals we have right now:

7 day B&B vacation with 100% flexible route: from $49.99 per day

A week in Ireland with B&Bs and a Stay in an Authentic Castle: from $399

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3 Responses to Ireland Vacation – Why are you waiting?

  1. Here’s a free day out to include:


    083 3718602

    M6 exit 16 – direction Loughrea – follow castle signs

  2. Raymond Cleary says:

    My wife and I are celebrating our anniversary Septeember of this year, and she’s all Irish…and i have a little as well.
    She won’t say it, but i know Ireland’s her heart’s desire. We are both in our 60’s and if not now…then probably never!! Can you help us with a great deal for average folk?

  3. Christina Callahan says:

    I have been wanting to trace my Irish roots and visit all my life. My dad would like me to go and see our country. If I do not do it now then I might never get another chance.

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