Ireland’s Magic Roads

There are hundreds of sights and attractions to keep you busy on your vacation to Ireland. Some of these popular sights include a visit to Dublin, Glendalough, the ring of Kerry and Killarney as well as exploring the vast array of monastic remains and sacred round towers all over the country.

If you are planning on taking a trip to Ireland, the latest trend on Ireland’s “must see list” are magic roads.  Yes, we joke you not, Ireland’s ‘magic roads’ are ‘a thing’ – a stretch of roadway, usually well off the beaten track and hidden up a succession of byways and boreens, where if you stop the car and let the handbrake off, the vehicle will mysteriously and eerily roll uphill.

Magic road

Magic roads can be seen in various parts of country from the Comeragh Mountains in County Waterford, Cooley Mountains between Dundalk and Carlingford, to Benbulbin in County Sligo.

Explanations can vary from fairies to magnetic fields but the real answer simply is that this phenomenon is an optical illusion where the layout of the landscape makes it seem like the car is going uphill.

A self-drive tour of Ireland offers flexibility to take in some of these bizarre latest trends as well as some of the more traditional sights and attractions.

One thing is for sure, on your next trip to Ireland you may be asked the question “Have you been to the road where things go backwards”.

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