Irish Hotels in Top 5 in Europe for Value

Hotels in Ireland are now among the cheapest throughout Europe with only Hungary, Poland & the Czech Republic having lower average rates. According to the Hotel Price Index, the average price of an Irish hotel room fell by 21% in 2009 with the cost per night falling from €101 to €80, the steepest decline in Western Europe.

The index also shows that Killarney hotels are the most expensive rooms in the country while the cheapest are in County Waterford. The largest percentage fall was in Galway where prices were highest in 2008 but fell by 24% in 2009. Cork hotels are also down by 31%

The changes by town/city are set out in the following table:

Room Price
Town/city 2009 2008 Change
Killarney €106 €120 -12%
Galway €105 €139 -24%
Sligo €84 €86 -2%
Cork €77 €111 -31%
Dublin €76 €98 -23%
Limerick €63 €76 -17%
Waterford €61 €65 -6%
DestinationAverage price per room per night 2009Average price per room per night 2008% Change year-on-yearKillarney€106€120-12%Galway€105€139-24%Sligo€84€86-2%Cork€77€111-31%Dublin€76€98-23%Limerick€63€76-17%Waterford€61€65-6%

You can download the full report at

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