Irish man Conor McGregor becomes MMA hero after successful UFC performances

It was hard to believe it was Conor McGregor’s first Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) match last week. The Irish UFC contender walked into the octagon like he had done so a million times, looking relaxed as he ‘blew away’ the competition.

The previously unknown McGregor is the name on everyone’s lips at the moment, causing a media storm both here in Ireland and in America after he showed the world his talent.

McGregor took on Brimage in a fight that was never close. From the beginning, McGregor took charge and showed he was a serious force to be reckoned with. Brimage fell to the floor after just a short time as McGregor followed him to the floor. This forced the referee to intervene and put a halt to the fight crowning McGregor the worthy winner.  In just 67 seconds, McGregor had rocked the UFC world.

The UFC president Dana White was very vocal about McGregor’s talents and concluded ‘Kid is totally relaxed. He’s a beast. I’m impressed’.

In what appears to be a promising path, we wish Conor good luck in his UFC career.

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