Irish President Michael D Higgins heads to US for first official visit.

Irish President Michael D Higgins will arrive in America today for his first official visit. Upon his arrival in New York, President Higgins will be met by Noel Kilkenny, the Consul General of Ireland to New York and Michael Collins, Ireland’s Ambassador to the US.

During his official visit, President Higgins will attend a reception and address over 300 members of the Irish Community at Ireland House on Park Avenue. Part of the Irish Presidents address will include an invitation to the Irish and Irish-American communities in the US to become involved in the task of remaking Ireland’s economy.

The Irish President’s official visit to the US will help promote Ireland in general as well as to help to raise Ireland’s profile as a vacation destination, thus encouraging more people from the US to visit here, and we very much look forward to welcoming them over for their vacation in Ireland.

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