Irish Wildlife comes alive during the winter months

Although the start to 2014 has been wet and windy there are still plenty of reasons to get out and about in Ireland. As we mentioned in a previous article, surfers from all over the world took advantage of the stormy weather this week and if surfing is not quite your thing then there are plenty of other activities to take part in this January! 

Wildlife watching is especially popular with a surprising amount of wildlife to best seen in rural areas of Ireland most commonly will be the large numbers and different species of birds. Bird watching is a very popular activity and the are clubs all over the country that regularly go out on watching events mostly with sheltered cabins to protect you from the current rainy weather.

Other animals that can be commonly seen around in woodland areas are foxes, squirrels, hares, Otters and even at night badgers (nocturnal creatures). Wooded and walking areas are very common in Ireland and can generally be reached with short walks from Irish Hotels and B&B’s in Ireland just remember to bring an umbrella, a map, warm drink and invest in a good pair of willies’.

Not all the wildlife is inland at the island of Ireland has plenty of aqua life attractions, Ireland’s coastal towns are dedicated to its Aqua life attractions must notably Baltimore in West Cork’s world famous Dolphin watching experience, Mizen Head in West Cork’s whale watching tours with absolutely stunning views and Killarney’s lake tours combining wildlife with aqua life, and all with rain prepared vehicles to keep everyone dry.

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