Is this the best example of cyber squatting I have ever seen or just pure genius

Today I was looking for Aerlingus’ corporate website (or at least a site where there was information for peopel other than passengers) and I stumbled on What I found was eye-opening to say the least.

Despite Ryanair owning 29.4% of AerLingus, these two airlines are fierce competitors and are always in battle for customers. When I saw this I did a little research and found that when you do a google search for AerLingusplc, there is the Ryanair version of the site ranked at number 1. This search also revealed that Ryanair also own

The European Commission blocked a proposed takeover of AerLingus by Ryanair last year on following a rejection by the Aer Lingus board. Is the ownership of two Aer-lingus titled websites is a sweet dig back at the Irish national airline for Michael O’Leary or just childishness?

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