Masters of Tradition Festival 2017

Traditional music is an integral part of Ireland’s cultural scene, bringing together people of all ages, from all over the country and even abroad, to Bantry for the Masters of Tradition Festival between the 23rd & 27th August. Whether you’re playing or listening, there will be plenty of enjoyment to be had over the four day festival, especially with Martin Hayes, Kate Ellis and Dennis Cahill opening the festival together.

Even the performance venues are sights to behold, whether it’s the beautifully historic Bantry House, St Brendan’s Church or the Maritime Hotel, the beauty of the venues will only amplify the music and the experience as a whole.

Like all types of music, this genre is always growing and evolving, taking parts from others and learning from them, while still maintaining its core roots. Which is why the festival is also about acknowledging the talent of these skilled performers and masters of the craft. With reasons like these, it is no wonder that people from home and abroad will be flocking to this festival in August.

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