Much more in Cork this weekend and the weeks ahead

Cork Rebel Week continues to roll on with a Naval festival in Cork Harbour today and a big parade through the streets of cork city led by World champion and Corkonian Robert Heffernon scheduled for tomorrow. As well as more events in the successful inaugural running of Cork Rebel Week highlighting all things Cork related to look forward this weekend, for film lovers this is an extra treat as this week also sees the first running of IndieCork (16- 20 October) a new film festival highlighting independent films, documentaries and shorts running this week until Sunday evening. Developed by some of the organisers of the Corona Cork Film festival which will be itself running in a few weeks time (November 9th -17th), this new festival celebrates original, arty and independent films, whilst bringing the short films and documentaries, the hidden gems of the original Cork film festival to a bigger audience.

With family friendly events lined up from the Rebel Week celebrations to look forward to this weekend and a whole selection of never before seen work from independent national and international filmmakers showing in select venues aroundCork, there is good reason to visit the City and county. So whether you came toCorkto explore and celebrate yourCorkroots, or are a film lover wanting to catch up on a new and exciting film festival, thenCorkcity is the place to be this weekend.

And not just this week but in the weeks ahead, for Cork Rebel week it seems is just the start of a months long series of exciting festivals inCorkin in the next few weeks. Indeed next weekend, as no sooner will the dust have settled on the Cork Rebel Week and IndieCork festivals, then anotherCorkfestival arrives. For music lovers next bank holiday weekend sees the annual Cork Jazz Festival (25th-28 October) and only two weeks later  in mid November, the main established film festival IndieCorks predecessor the Corona Cork Film Festival starts.

It may be raining but it is bright in the Rebel county with lots more to look forward to inCorkover the next few days and even the weeks ahead for when we finally close the curtain on a highly entertaining and very successful Rebel Week (the first of many we hope) and a new film festival as well! Popular for Cork Stag Do ‘s, the city is no stranger to a vibrant nightlife. This sunday, we can look forward to two more fun and culturally rich Cork based festivals in the next few weekends and weeks ahead. All the more reason to note and remember Cork the Rebel county.

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