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Many of you ask us where to go for the best live Irish music and we are never short of suggestions. With so many talented Irish musicians all over the country, they are many styles and genres to choose from. If you’re looking for some blues based rock n’ roll, Crow Black Chicken are the band to see.

The band was formed in 2009 with singer and guitarist Christy O’Hanlon from Cork and Tipperary based Steven McGrath on bass and Gev Barrett on drums.  Over the years they have captivated audiences with their ability to incorporate country, rock and blues into one unique sound. In 2011 their set on the BBC Introductory Stage at Glastonbury caught the attention of many and was followed up with the release of their debut album entitled ‘Electric Soup’ the following year. The album received praise from critics and peers alike resulting in the band touring all over Ireland, the UK, Europe and even the USA.

So, while you’re on your Ireland vacation, why not check these guys out? You can catch them at the following venues:

  • Nov 14 – Sweeneys –  Dublin, Ireland
  • Nov 23 –  The Piper Inn – Clonmel, Ireland
  • Nov 29 – Charlies – Cork, Ireland
  • Dec 20 – The Square Bar – Port Laoise, Ireland
  • Dec 21 – McKennas – Monaghan, Ireland
  • Dec 28 – Coughlans – Cork, Ireland
  • Dec 31 – Pine Lodge – Myrtleville, Ireland

To purchase their album click here.

Check out their Facebook page here:

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