New Coin to celebrate Irish leader Michael Collins

Famed Irish leader Michael Collins, who took part in the 1916 rising and negotiated the Anglo Irish Treaty, is to be commemorated in a new series of coins paying tribute to famous Irish legendary leaders. The series of coins have been labelled: “The Fight For Irish Independence collection series.”

The limited edition coin coincides with the 90th anniversary of Collins’ death in 2012.  The portrait for the coin was taken at the time of the negotiations that resulted in the Anglo Irish Treaty in 1921, which to this day, remains a pivotal part of Ireland‘s history.  “Sworn to be free” is inscribed on the reverse of the Michael Collins coin which is taken from the Irish national anthem, Amhrán na bhFiann, which translated to English means, “A Soldier’s Song”.

The coin which is layered with 24 carat gold is available from for €9.95.

Learn more about the history of Ireland including the 1916 rising and the anglo Irish treaty here:


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