Obama, he’s Irish don’t you know!

On the 23rd of May this year the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Barak Obama can trace his ancestry back to a small Irish village. Further investigation revealed that the apparent location of these roots is the small village of Moneygall, County Offaly. Having conducted my own extensive research (5 mins on Wikipedia) I can reveal that his great great great great grandfather was none other than Mr Fulmuth Kearney, a shoemaker of the highest caliber by all accounts. Fulmuth emigrated to the United States in 1850 and set about setting up a life for himself in his new country.

At first I took this bit of breaking news with a pinch of salt but the more I have listened to Obama I do believe it could just be true after all. Comparisons with John F Kennedy are obvious and he has included Ireland’s struggle for peace in many of his speeches. Now this could simply be a ruse to woo the Irish American vote but I believe it’s the Irish in Barak just bursting to get out.  This said I cannot see his picture replacing that of either JFK or the Pope in households across our country just yet.

So now that we have establishe the bona fide of Moneygall’s claim to fame, what do we know about the tiny village? Well, not much. Moneygall is located on the N7 between Limerick and Dublin. Its population is about 300. The local Gaelic football club was formed in 1885 and were originally know as The Honeymounts before they changed to Moneygall in the early 1900. Even though Moneygall is in the county of Offaly the football pitch is in the neighboring county of Tipperary and they play in the Tipp league.  The village has a garda (police) station, five shops, a post office, a Roman Catholic Church and a national school.  But wait for it that’s not all, this great town has two of the finest pubs in Ireland.

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3 Responses to Obama, he’s Irish don’t you know!

  1. John C. Begley says:

    The most beloved of American presidents were of Irish descent . They were John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. Almost all of the presidental candidates try to clain to be Irishespecially John Kerry and Gary Hart [in fact born Eberhart]
    The Irish in Ireland who find George Bush distastfull should be aware that George Bush came from a Torry family that did not support he American Revolution. George W. Bush has correctly been described as a failure as a president by most American historians.

  2. Cormac O'Neill says:

    John, you are 100% correct, most beloved American presidents were of Irish descent and we are very proud of that fact. JFK is an absolute hero here in Ireland and I think his untimely death has preserved his iconic status. I don’t know much about Mr Bush and his background but what I do know is that, from an Irish view point, he had a hard act to follow in Bill Clinton. Mr Clinton is viewed here with great affection. He did wonders for the peace process but I think we like him more because he is a bit of a rogue. We Irish love that, just think of affection we have for George Best, Peter O’Toole and more recently Colin Farrell.

  3. Roibard O'Coillean says:

    Hussein is not an Irishman. I am and Irishman. All four of my grandparents have Irish ancestry. Hussein is Arab-American. His beliefs in the sanctity of life (he has vigorously fought for post-delivery, live-birth abortion in his one active Senate move), his connections with anti-American factions and individuals, and his stance on citizens’ rights (dear not only to every Irish soul, but to Americans of every descent, too) show him to be a dangerous choice to lead a boy scout troop, much less the most powerful nuclear nation in the world. Please don’t fall for his one Irish-like skill – blarney. He is a bad man. He would be a very dangerous president. Please read the full story on him, not just what his spin doctors at CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and the other bent American media say of him. He is as dangerous, if not more so, than Sarkozy and Ahmadinejad.

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