Recipe for success: Kinsale to feature on Canadian Gourmet TV Show

Images of the south west coast of Ireland are set to feature on Canadian TV this year. Particularly images of Kinsale and Cork will be seen on 1.5 million Canadians. This is due to one of Canada’s most successful TV shows, Gourmet Escapes having just completed an extended shoot around the south west of Ireland over the past few months.

The famous TV series is set to show Martin Shanahan, Head Chef of Fishy Fishy in Kinsale set a cooking challenge for gourmet celebrity chef Gerardo D’Amore. The show will see chef Gerardo travel to various locations in Cork and County Cork in search of fresh, local ingredients including the famous English Market. The challenge is to cook a gourmet dish using local ingredients. Not only does the English Market feature on the show, the landmark Shandon Bells as well as the Jameson Distillery in Midleton is also featured on the show.

Kinsale in West Cork is set to feature on famous Canadian Gourmet TV Show in 2015

Kinsale in West Cork is set to feature on famous Canadian Gourmet TV Show in 2015

Dana Welch, Tourism Ireland’s manager for Canada, said: “Lifestyle programmes such as Gourmet Escapes are an excellent way to highlight Ireland to a huge audience in Canada. The episode filmed here will be seen by some 1.5m Canadian ‘foodies’ and potential holidaymakers — encouraging them to come and sample the culinary delights of the destination for themselves.”

“Television and film are recognised as strong influencers for prospective holidaymakers and Tourism Ireland regularly works with TV and production companies around the world, to facilitate the making of travel and lifestyle programmes and films around the island of Ireland.”

“The publicity value of TV programmes like these is incalculable — it is a great way of promoting Ireland in Canada, helping to inspire prospective holidaymakers to come and experience the destination for themselves.”

Elsewhere in Ireland, a Brazilian TV show also filmed in Dublin last November. The Brazilian film crew is creating 40 short programmes about unique experiences people taking a vacation in Ireland can experience. The programme which is perfect for people planning to take a trip to Ireland will be seen by an estimate 20 million viewers in Brazil and Argentina. Included in the show are famous sites including Croke Park, Malahide Castle, Howth Village, Old Jameson Distillery, Guinness Storehouse amongst other famous landmarks.

 “While the majority of our overseas visitors come from the core markets of Great Britain, North America and Mainland Europe, it is important that we expand our focus and look outside of these markets for new opportunities,” said Jim Paul, Tourism Ireland’s head of Australia and developing markets.

“And while visitor numbers from markets like Brazil are small when compared to our more established tourism markets, it is important to remember that visitors from long-haul markets spend more than the average visitor and typically stay longer than visitors from closer to home. Given that about 20m people see Elemidia programmes each week, this is a great way of showcasing Dublin and Ireland in both countries – inspiring travellers to come and experience Dublin and the island of Ireland for themselves.”

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