Ryanair Website to become more user friendly

CEO of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary has said that more will be done to help customers navigate the airline’s website.

According to the airline, the website is the source of most complaints and as such Ryanair are planning a few developments within the forthcoming weeks that should make the website more user friendly and easier for its customers to engage with.

One of the simpler website developments already to be put in place is the inclusion of a contact email address within its contact us section. This change is in response to the compliance notice issued to Ryanair by the Nation Consumer Agency, who took legal action against the low-cost carrier for being in breach of legislation for not providing an email address for people with inquiries.

The low cost airline will begin to roll out website developments soon, making it easier for customers to book tickets in a low number of clicks. A welcome change for those booking cheap flights for their European and Ireland vacations, we look forward to seeing the new improved simpler online system.

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