Street Tea Party and Baking Competition to feature during Kinsale Arts Festival

Sunday July 7th will be the date for the ‘Come Home for your Tea Party Day’ which is part of the Kinsale Arts festival 2013. The Street Tea Party will be held along the wonderful streets of Kinsale in Co. Cork where revelers will be able to sample refreshments including tea, coffee, lemonades and delicious freshly baked goods. The festival will also provide you with an opportunity to chat with the friendly locals!

This will be no ordinary tea party with Mad Hatters and Mrs Doyles (from the famous Irish TV show Father Ted TV) expected to roam the winding streets dressed in appropriate attire!

Another element to the Tea Party is the ‘Bake Off’ competition. Darina and Rachel Allen who will pick the winner, are well known Irish celebrity chefs and TV personalities who make their love of food known all over the country, making them the perfect candidates to judge the bake off. Submit your apple pies and sponge cakes and let these two ladies be the judge of who is the deserving winner!

If you are planning an Ireland vacation in July make sure a visit to Kinsale is in your diary. These and the many other activities will be taking place during the Kinsale Arts Festival 2013. Stay tuned to our blog for more details on the festival.

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