Surfing Dolphin in Ireland Photo Wins Top Prize

An image of a dolphin surfing in the waves that was taken by Clare based photographer, George Karbus has won the top prize in the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Karbus, who captured the spectacular image off the coast of Northern Ireland, swam in the surf with these clever creatures, encountered one playful dolphin who surfed in the waves, and whilst diving underneath, holding his breath, was able to capture the stunning shot as the mammal swished by, which fortunately was not hindered by the water visibility, which can be limited in Ireland.

The judges of the competition selected winners for 12 categories that highlight the diversity and abundance of nature in Ireland and the UK, of which Karbus’s “In the Living Room, Bottlenose Dolphin” won the Coast and Marine category as well as securing the overall winner title.

A wonderful image of the beautiful wildlife that can be spotted of the coast of Ireland, we extend our congratulations to George Karbus for capturing such a magnificent image. To view this image – please click here

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