The Moving Crib returns to Dublin

For many generations of Dublin natives the festive period means the return of The Moving Crib to Parnell Square West with parents and grandparents now bringing their children to the enchanting, handmade exhibition.

This years exhibition runs from the 23rd November 2015 until the 11th January 2016  and takes place at its familiar venue of 42 Parnell Square West in Dublin City with admission absolutely free.

The Moving Crib in Dublin City | Christmas Event

The Moving Crib in Dublin tells the sacred Christmas story of the nativity

The animatronic figurine inspired exhibition is a great way to engage children with the sacred Christmas story of the nativity. Set against an aesthetically pleasing painted backdrop, watch as the eyes of young children light up as they explore the numerous tableaux scenes, which begin with the story of Adam and Eve and finish after the famous Christmas nativity.

Since this Christmas event commenced back in 1956, a trip to Dublin’s Moving Crib has become an integral part of the festive experience for visitors to Dublin and visitors alike.

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