Tips For Self Drive Trips in Ireland

Collecting a hired car, taking to the open road, having the flexibilty and freedom to stop when you please and seeing where the drive takes you is all part of the charm of a self drive vacation in Ireland. Whether marvelling along Ireland’s famous Wild Atlantic Way, to the Garden Route of Ireland, self-drive trips are now more popular than ever.

The Cliffs of Moher in Clare, just one of the many majestic sights that can be visited whilst taking a self drive tour of Ireland

The thought of taking to foreign roads can be a daunting thought for some however many of Ireland’s most popular destinations are best viewed from the comfort of your own car. Having a car lets you experience  Ireland at your own pace, which is great for people who really want to explore the uncharted areas.

If you are planning an Ireland self drive tour, keep safe behind the wheel with these top tips.

The following tips should help when embarking on a self-drive holiday:

  • Keep stocked up with diesel and petrol
    It sounds like such an obvious tip but filling up with petrol and diesel at stations regularly is a good tip. Opportunities to fill up can be few and far between on some motorways and you don’t want to run the risk of being stranded.
  • Choosing the right car
    Pick a car that best suits your needs, taking into consideration the amount of luggage that needs to be brought and whether you’ll have extra equipment with you, for example camping equipment. What size car are you used to driving at home. Only drive what you are used to driving at home to ensure you are comfortable during your journey. It might seem exciting driving a convertible for two weeks but at the wrong time of year in Ireland this can be a problem!
  • Mobile network & charges
    Check what the mobile phone coverage is like before heading to your destination and also do a full review of charges that apply while taking your vacation in Ireland allowing you to comfortably travel at ease knowing you wont be faced with a large bill upon return home. Additionally ensuring that your phone is fully charged up before venturing to your destination is vital. Getting stuck somewhere remote in Ireland will be a stressful experience if you can’t contact anyone.
  • Keep the car fully stocked with snacks
    Ireland boasts plenty of beautiful picnic and camping stops where you can spot to take a break, enjoy an impromptu lunch and take in the view.
  • Overnight stays
    Try to relax and enjoy the vacation as much as possible and take into account driving distances. One night in a destination can be too little to see any of the major sights and we recommend an overnight, at least 1 night stay before picking up car.
  • Consider a 60 miles per day driving limit. Limiting how much you drive in a given day can enhance your experience enormously. Averaging less than 60 miles per day can be an brilliant way to see as much as possible while avoiding a blurred vacation from tiredness.

Most importantly, relax and enjoy the freedom and flexibility that an Ireland fly drive vacation gives!

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