Top 5 Reasons To Travel In A Group

Embarking on an adventure around the world and experiencing what the world has to offer can be a marvellous and unforgettable experience. Group tours to Ireland or around the world have many benefits as travelling is known to be “food for the soul“. Travelling with a group brings many benefits and has become increasingly popular in the last few years. We have compiled a list of the top 5 benefits of embarking on an adventure…

#1 – Photo Opportunites 

With Instagram becoming increasingly popular, it is important to get shots that will last a lifetime. A photo paints a thousand words which is why it’s so important to capture shots that you will look back on in a few years. There’s no doubt that there will be an argument as to who will take the photo.

Group Tours in Ireland

A vacation in Ireland provides some of the most elegant scenery the world has to offer and offer a perfect backdrop to any photo. Sights such as The Giant’s Causeway and Temple Bar, Dublin have racked up thousands of photos online and special Instagram filters have been created for these sights so it’s definitely worth posting to Instagram and tagging the gang!

#2 – Safety 

It can often be a nerve-wracking time for families when their loved ones embark on a  journey. When you travel as a group, there are added safety and protection which can be reassuring for parents and family members.

There are often many tour guides who will guide you through various sights to add an extra layer of security when travelling.

Often, it can a daunting experience for individuals travelling alone or as a couple, but when you are travelling as a group, it can be reassuring knowing that you’ll have a group by your side.

#3 – Opportunites To Make New Friends 

Travelling as a group with friends is important as it brings a more social element to any trip. However, when you travel as a group, you can be exposed to new people and experiences who are also travelling as a group.

Group Tours to Ireland

Often, these friends will last a lifetime which will provide opportunities for further exploration. When two groups of people gather, it leads to further adventure to explore the world.

You can connect with new people online and keep contact regularly or catch up at various times throughout the year.

#4 – Share Experiences

Experiencing the full potential of the world is usually of paramount importance. Therefore, there is a more electric atmosphere when travelling as a group. Experiences such as concerts and festivals are enjoyed more when there is a group of people attending. It can even lead to shivers oozing down your spine!

Group Vacations Ireland

Often, when you are undertaking volunteering projects as a group, it can help you develop working as a team to effectively conduct a project.

It’s definitely a great thing to chat about in the future!

#5 – Avail of group discounts 

When you are visiting various destinations, tour operators will often provide discounts to groups who travel together with several people and there are many vacation packages to Ireland that include great discounts. It is always advised to contact the operator directly as they will provide the best rates instead of booking through a third party booking site.

Some restaurants and bars will be happy to offer a discount on food and drinks when visiting as a group.

Travelling can often be an expensive venture, therefore it’s great to get discounts where possible!

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