Tullamore Show entertainment for all the family

Happening throughout the country during the summer time is the well known and much loved family friendly agricultural shows. Not just confined to displaying Ireland’s rich farming heritage, modern agricultural shows now come with a large programme of events suitable for everyone.

One show that is much loved and frequented by locals and visitors on vacation in Ireland is the Tullamore Show, Ireland’s premier agricultural event held on Sunday 15th August at the Butterfield Estate, County Offaly. Carrying a rich programme of family friendly events with a mix of cultural, commercial and competitive interests, this event also has shows and stalls covering areas ranging from livestock and equestrian, home industries, inventions, vintage, fashion, style and performing arts,  promising entertaining value for everyone of all ages and tastes.

At Tullamore Show you can ramble among hundreds of trade stands taking in all the varied items both farm and non-farm related. Witness the judges and exhibitors in action as the nation’s top cattle, sheep, horses, cakes, flowers, art, inventions etc. are shown. Kids and adults alike can be captivated by the rare farm breeds and exotic animals in both the pet’s corner and the many livestock showings. You can also see rare vintage agricultural machines and exhibits and take part in the best dressed lady competition. And if all that doesn’t interest you, there are also a number events taking place throughout the day ranging from show jumping to live music shows to sheepdog trials.

With such a huge variety on show whether you are a visitor wanting to check out Irelands rich agricultural heritage or looking for a fun day out for all the family there is a lot of entertainment value packed into the humble agricultural show.

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  1. Bend says:

    It really doesn’t take long for a visitor in Ireland to fall in love with the food and culture and feel very welcome. I’ve never ever felt like an outsider anywhere in Ireland. People there are absolutely lovely and willing to have fun 24/7 in their own special way. I would absolutely love to go there again!

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