Wannabe Irish stars audition for role in new Star Wars film

You would be mistaken for believing you had walked into another world indeed galaxy if you happened upon the grounds of Croke Park in Dublin on Saturday as Imperial Stormtroopers (of the intergalactic out of this world movie kind) patrolled the grounds guiding and entertaining the thousands of Irishmen and women who showed up. And the crowds weren’t out in force for a GAA match but something altogether different, they were all in line to audition for a chance to win a major role in the latest star wars film.  

Yes you heard correct, our national GAA stadium which is normally the scene for thousands of GAA fans egging on their teams in the All-Ireland Championships was on Saturday the setting for thousands of Irish Star Wars fans trying to fulfil their destiny with a place in the cult sci-fi folklore.

With a queue that stretched from St Joseph’s Avenue gate entrance off Clontarf Road right up to the staircase of the GAA national stadium, they came in their droves from all of Ireland to the Dublin leg of open auditions to try to win one of two coveted roles in the newest film, one of a 17 year old girl who will be called Rachel and another of a young man in his early twenties to be called Thomas.

And to legions of die hard Irish Star Wars fans and budding actors and stars of the future this was more than just an audition for a once in a lifetime role but also a chance to get up close to some of films most iconic figures. The open Dublin auditions are part of a worldwide search for two unknown fresh-faced stars of the future to play two major characters in the film. The new film entitled Star Wars: Episode VII will begin shooting at the famous Pinewood Studios near London in spring 2014 and will be directed and co-written by J.J. Abrams, he of “Lost,” “Alias” TV series and the new “Star Trek” film fame.

For would be stars looking for a break and die-hard fans just wanting to catch a glimpse of revered filmmaker J.J. Abrams and be a part of movie folklore alike even if just  to be photographed next  to an Imperial Stormtrooper, Saturday was a once in a lifetime opportunity and overall a fun day out with a difference.

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