Waterford Harvest Festival 2013

A festival for all the family, the Waterford Harvest Festival takes place from the 9th-15th September throughout Waterford city to celebrate the food heritage and culture of Waterford.

A festival for lovers of Irish food, whether its growing it, making it, eating it or talking about it, the Waterford Harvest Festival has something to suit all tastes with cookery demonstrations, food tours, films, tastings, workshops and restaurant trails! Special events taking place throughout the week will be a Viking Banquet, an Artisan Beer festival, Food Market, Big Barbeque and much more such as the special GIY gathering, which is taking place as part of the Irish Gathering 2013!

Traditionally the harvest festival is a time to celebrate the crop of the community and the Waterford Harvest Festival encapsulates this, as it recreates a modern version of this celebratory time.

Showcasing the fantastic fare of the Waterford region, the Waterford Harvest Festival is a must for all locals and those travelling near the area on Ireland vacations, as it yet again looks to bring together the wider community and involve and educate everyone – young and old – on the delights of all types food!

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