West Cork Literary Festival: a festival to note in Bantry this week

While Galway seems to be on a high for the month of July with a wide range of festivals and events, throughout the country there is much to see and do with festivals both big and small held nationwide. West Cork is another region rich with festival delights with two main ones currently taking place. In Kinsale the well documented Arts Week is in full swing, while over in Bantry a lesser known but thoroughly interesting festival is currently taking place: the West Cork Literary Festival.

A festival for literary aficionados and aspiring writers, throughout 6 days from 8-14 July, the West Cork Literary Festival will see a diverse wealth of Irish and international literary talent lending their expertise to a number of special readings, events and workshops that tackle every conceivable topic from songwriting to comic books, for writers young and old.

For this years festival, Bantry and west corks “maritime” traditions are in the spotlight with a number of readings and workshops based on the sea, the highlight set to be a memorable reading taking place upon a Navy vessel as well as a chance to see (on land) Miriam O’Callaghan interview Sir Micheal Parkinson.

With its intensive literary programme and a chance to meet and learn from such well known writing and broadcasting luminaries such as Sir Micheal Parkinson, Anita Shreve, Paul Muldoon, John McCarthy, Anita Desai and Kevin Barry, the West Cork Literary Festival is just one of many reasons to be in West Cork this week. With a range of hotels in West Cork to choose from as well as numerous activities and festivals, there is no better time to enjoy a breakaway.

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