Wexford Opera Festival October 2012

For opera fans or lovers of a good show, the charming seaside town of Wexford, every year since 1951, holds an exciting and unique opera festival. Fondly referred to as “one of the best small festivals in the world”, the Wexford Opera Festival is a treat for fans of good opera with three unique headline shows made-up of long forgotten classic operas expertly produced for a modern audience.

Now running for more than 60 years, the secret to its continued success lies in its dedication to bringing long neglected and overlooked classic operas back to their best for a new audience many of whom may never again seesuch classic masterpieces.This policy of breathing new life into old masterpieces many unjustly neglected by time over replaying well known and beloved masterpieces, helps set Wexford Opera Festival apart from others.

Running from 24th October to 4th November, this year’s festival line up features three major opera productions of L’Arlesiana by Francesco Cilèa, Le roimalgrélui (The Reluctant King) by Emmanuel Chabrier and A Village Romeo and Juliet by Frederick Delius. As well as these three operas the jam-packed programme of events will feature a number of morning events and shows, an array of different concerts at lunchtime, afternoons full of short works and recitals and late night revues.

Running alongside the Opera festival is a fringe festival, bringing a vibrant festival atmosphere to the town, with live music playing in the pubs, street performances and art exhibitions. So if you’re a fan of opera and happen to be on your Ireland vacation and want to see beautiful productions of long forgotten and rare classic operas in the charming setting of Waterford town or you simply want to soak up in the magnificent festival vibe of the opera and its sister fringe festival then why not head down to Wexford in late October.

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